Carbon Neutral Efforts

Learn about our efforts to reduce HMTX's carbon footprint and give back to the earth.

What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Carbon neutral is the offset of carbon emissions by increasing the carbon intake of our environment. Carbon neutrality is commonly achieved through activities like planting trees and the preservation of mature forests.

HMTX Industries' Carbon Neutral Efforts

HMTX Industries strives for environmental sustainability, and we are expanding our carbon-neutral efforts with the help of Everland, a foundation that helps corporations purchase carbon offsets by partnering with projects that protect forest environments. Most recently, HMTX has been partnered with the REDD+ Project in Southeast Kenya. Contributions from HMTX and other industry partners are used to protect areas from illegal logging, wildlife poaching, and large-scale agriculture that would endanger the environment. Through this partnership we will provide assistance and development opportunities to surrounding communities to better support their conservation efforts.

Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project

Everland’s projects are made possible by providing opportunities for livelihood and income within the villages of the regions they support. They train locals in sustainable agriculture and biodiversity monitoring, to carry out the mission of their projects. All of which are funded by the sales of Verified Emission Reductions to companies like HMTX. These carbon offsets allow companies like ours to better balance our impact on the environment.

HMTX’s financing will help fund the Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project, which protects 300,000 hectares of the Congo Basin, home to some critical species such as bonobos and forest elephants. This area is also one of the most important wetlands on the planet. As of February 2023, Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project has avoided 22.6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions so far. On top of reducing deforestation and biodiversity loss, REDD+ also aims to bring investments to local communities through renovating schools, providing healthcare services, supporting food security and nutrition, and other activities that empower these populations. The region supported by this project includes more than 30,000 people, across 23 villages.

“This is another step towards out never-ending goal of reducing out carbon footprint across all aspects of our business: not an end, but positive steps along the path to carbon neutrality”

– Harlan Stone, HMTX CEO

Health Care Initiatives

Improved healthcare is one of the most needed activities in the communities of this region. Due to malnutrition and high risk of malaria, the child mortality rate is 220 in 1000. Our contribution to this project will help fund the continuation of building new healthcare facilities, in addition to the eight already in place from this project. Education is another important factor in helping these communities grow and thrive. The Mai Ndombe Project has built 11 schools with 7 more underway. Education is not only for the children, but women as well. Teaching women how to increase crop yield and protect agriculture from natural harms has increased food security and income for the communities.

“Protecting the climate, reducing human suffering, and increasing biodiversity are indistinguishable causes. The positive impact to this delicate and important ecosystem is extremely significant and with this action, HMTX Industries is also addressing its customers’ needs for carbon neutral flooring.”

– Rochelle Routman, HMTX Chief Sustainability + Impact Officer