At HMTX, our global design team works tirelessly to design the world's most beautiful, responsible, and functional flooring. Achieving stunning designs our customers love takes remarkable attention to detail and a boundless passion for design

The HMTX StudioX global design team puts our customers at the center of everything they do. We care deeply about how people experience flooring and how we can enhance lives with designs and experiences that captivate the imagination. More than style, we focus on customer attitudes and behaviors that give us insights into how our customers live today and will live into the future. These insights allow us to innovate with purpose.

How We Use Design

The StudioX global design team ensures you get the best designs, design technology, and experience possible. We utilize proprietary predictive insight tools to anticipate home decor trends that feel right at just the right time. We use the world's most advanced digital design tools to ensure that every detail, color, texture, and pattern is crafted to absolute perfection. 

We create more than a pretty face, we design every aspect of the overall user experience. From the design, to the performance, to the installation, we leave no detail untouched when delivering the world's most beautiful and functional flooring.