Frequently Asked Questions

All product types

Consult with the radiant heat system manufacturer to ensure that the system is compatible with vinyl flooring. If so, concrete subfloors with electric and hydro systems are acceptable. Underfloor heat mats are not an acceptable installation method.

  • In-floor radiant components must be a minimum of ½" (13mm) below flooring. Floor surface temperature should never exceed 85°F (29°C). Heating system should be operational for at least two weeks prior to installation to calibrate temperature settings.

All product types

  • Spacers to create an expansion space between the planks and the wall
  • Utility Knife for scoring planks/tiles. For easier cutting you can use a jig saw, table saw, or miter saw. *Always use proper safety eyewear when using power tools*
  • Optional: Hole Saw
  • Combination square/carpenters square to ensure you are making straight cuts

 Isocore & SPC

  • Soft-faced hammer
  • Pull bar for securing the last row

All product types

Only use pH neutral floor cleaner that is safe for vinyl or other similar pH balanced cleaners.

  • Don’t use wax, oil, or polish
  • Don’t seal the floor
  • Don’t steam the floor
  • Don’t use any wood care products, all or multi-purpose cleaners on the on the floor
  • Don't use steel wool or scouring pads as they can scratch the floor
  • Don't use vacuum with a beater bar or power rotary brush head
  • Dry/untreated sweeper pads are acceptable however, DON’T use pre-treated wet sweeper floor cleaning pads.
  • Don't use vinegar

*Vinyl is not porous; therefore, traditional cleaning products will cause buildup that will eventually yellow

All product types

Steam cleaners are not recommended. Most steam cleaners can reach temperatures of over 200°F. The excessive heat puts your LVT floors in danger of warming or bending. The high temperatures and forced steam can cause moisture to seep in between the layers of the flooring and cause the adhesive that bonds the plank layers together to break down. This type of damage is not covered by warranty. 


Use the slip sheet that comes in between the planks of allure. Tape one side down (using painters’ tape) to the face of the flooring and the other side to the subfloor itself so the grip strip is covered.

All product types

We recommend using a 100% silicone caulk around the base of the toilet and in front of the tub/shower to seal the expansion space.

No, our products are only sold in case quantities.

No, you cannot install over any carpet or carpet padding. This would void your warranty.

No, a vapor barrier is plastic material that is used to prevent vapor emissions from coming through the subfloor. An underlayment is often constructed of soft foam material and used to solve multiple concerns and should not be used as a substitute for vapor barrier.

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