Shipping is tricky business, but luckily, we've been shipping flooring across the United States for decades. The type of product and the quantity you order will play a large roll in how long an order will take to reach your doorstep. Below you will find some estimates based on the different types of shipping and delivery methods. All of the estimates below are for continental US delivery. If you need a freight forwarder or have a unique location challenge, please contact our customer care team below for special assistance.

Product Samples

If you order 4 samples or less, you will receive your order in 3 business days or less via FedEx. If you order additional samples (over 4) you will receive 2 shipments with the first four arriving in 3 days or less and the second shipment potentially a day or two later.

Small Parcel Delivery

Only ordering a carton or two? We will ship those cartons via Fedex Ground.

LTL Delivery

A larger order of flooring will come shrink wrapped on one or more wooden pallets

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