The House Up On The Hill

HMTX World Headquarters

In October 2022, HMTX Industries opened its new World Headquarters in Norwalk, CT. This building acknowledges the ongoing issue of climate change and showcases HMTX’s commitment to sustainability. This new building, which broke ground in April 2021, is on track to be the greenest building in the state.

One of the goals of the project was to preserve as much of the existing landscape as possible. With the help of McLennan design, HMTX was able to accomplish just that. The building is built to sit above the ground, almost floating above the surrounding environment. Not only has The House Up On The Hill been built using the healthiest non-toxic materials available, it will capture and re-use rainwater, produce more energy than the site uses, and produce zero carbon emissions. The project was the first in the area to pursue the Living Building Challenge and is on track to be certifies by the world’s most stringent green building rating system.


Not only does the space feature artwork by local and worldwide artists, but it puts the beauty of nature on display with the use of large windows, skylights, and glass stair towers. The flow of natural light allows for the use of less electricity, which is exclusively powered by on-site PV panels. This project contributes to the health and happiness of the environment, as well as those that come to visit the one of kind building.

For more details on The House Up On The Hill visit the official website. You can also learn more about HMTX Industries and our efforts toward sustainability and how we give back to the community.