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Are Vinyl Floors Good for Pets?

Dogs, cats, and we’ve even heard of a pig or two that have had the pleasure of vinyl plank flooring under paw. There are numerous features inherent of vinyl plank flooring that make it a great choice to put in pet friendly spaces, whether it's at home or at a business. There are some features like being 100% waterproof, which are great for convenience and cost. Features such as being Phthalate and Formaldehyde free are great for the quality of life for your family, customers and, yes, pets too.

What Is the Best Vinyl Plank Flooring for Dogs?

Dog friendly flooring in your home can be the difference between a happy pet relationship and a strained one. There are several features of vinyl plank flooring that makes it, perhaps, the best choice for a home with one or more dogs.

What makes Allure ISOCORE vinyl plank flooring the best for dogs?


Waterproof flooring is a must if you have one or more dogs in your home. Allure rigid core vinyl plank flooring is 100% waterproof, for when accidents happen. Dogs are notoriously sloppy drinkers. Having vinyl plank flooring where the dog’s water bowl is will give you a little more piece of mind. Dogs get wet. When you’ve got a hairy, wet dog barreling across your floors, you’ll be thankful they are waterproof vinyl plank like ISOCORE.

Easy to Clean and Stay Clean

Allure ISOCORE vinyl flooring is easy to clean and easy to keep clean. There is no contest between carpet and vinyl when it comes to cleanliness in the home. Vinyl plank flooring also doesn’t have the typical areas know to trap dirt, like grout lines in tile or between worn hardwood boards.

Superior Scratch Resistance

Dogs scratch floors. Vinyl plank flooring with as good top layer and thick wear layer will help minimize the damage a dog can do with its claws. Vinyl plank flooring is not impervious to scratches from a dog’s nails so it’s best to keep them trimmed as much as possible. Allure ISOCORE flooring clicks together and is a floating floor so if you end up needing to replace a piece or two, it's not going to require an enormous effort or cost.

Good for Aging Pets

Dogs get old, and hard surfaces can cause them aches, pain, and fatigue. ISOCORE vinyl plank is both softer under foot and warmer than many  typical SPC vinyl planks. A cold, hard, unforgiving surface isn’t good for us humans, and it's not great for our pets either.

Chemical-Free for Better Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important for dogs. Too many chemicals or VOCs can impact the health of any pet. Allure ISOCORE vinyl plank flooring contributes to better indoor air quality. Our vinyl plank flooring has the certifications that matter.

Superior Materials for Cleaner Living

If dogs scratch, then what exactly are they scratching up? The materials used in making your flooring are just as important as its performance characteristics. All Allure products are phthalate free, as phthalates are a harmful form of plasticizers. Allure products are also formaldehyde free and made with 100% virgin vinyl. Our ISOCORE vinyl planks are also free of heavy metals (including lead & mercury).

Now that you have the information needed to rest assured that Allure vinyl plank flooring will be a good choice for you and your pet, what are you waiting for?

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