How Much Flooring Do I Order?

You don't want to over order flooring. Its great to have a little extra after the job is complete in case you need to replace a plank or a tile in the future, but you don't want a ton of extra boxes to store. Ordering less flooring than is required to complete the job is something you definitely want to avoid as well. The added time and cost to get a new shipment in will definitely have a negative impact on your project. So how do you know how much to order? In addition to the basics on measuring for your space you should review some of the additional points below.

Important Considerations That May Impact How Much Flooring To Order

  1. The more door frames, stair cases, pillars and similar obstacles, the more complicated cuts you may encounter. The amount of complicated cuts usually increases the amount of waste. If you are installing DIY and have a decent amount of complicated cuts you will likely need a box or two extra.
  2. Chevron and other uniquely shaped installations can require more cuts than standard planks or tiles.
  3. Irregular room shapes and rooms that are not square will require more complicated cuts similar to point number 1 above.
  4. Larger format planks or tiles in narrow spaces will require you to cut most if not all the planks or tiles. This will lead to a higher amount of waste.


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