Flooring & Well Being

Air quality can be better with Luxury Vinyl Flooring. LVP is a hard non-porous surface that makes cleaning and keeping an area clean a cinch!

Your home is your sanctuary. Your escape from the dangers of the outside world. But for those who suffer from allergies, the home can become minefield of germs and allergens. Over 50 million people in the USA experience allergies each year. For many, allergy-proofing the home is the top priority. However, many overlook the largest trigger: the floor. LVP or LVT paired with an easily washable area rug will help allergy sufferers be a bit less miserable than a similarly carpeted environment. 

Clean Floors for Clean Living

No Heavy Metals

All Allure products are free of heavy metals (including lead & mercury).

Phthalate & Formaldehyde free

All Allure products are phthalate free, as phthalates are a harmful form of plasticizers. Allure products are also formaldehyde free and are made with 100 percent virgin vinyl.

Allergy-Friendly Flooring

Soft surface flooring is not the best option for allergy/asthma sufferers. Its best to stick to hard surface products like LVT & LVP.  Carpet can trap dust, dander and dirt that can lead to poor air quality in your home. LVT & LVP’s non-porous material makes cleaning allergens from floors much easier.