Vinyl Flooring Over Hardwood?

Does any of this sound familiar?

"Hardwood is just too valuable to cover over and not refinish!"
"Hardwood floors are classic and always the best route."
"You’re going to destroy your hardwood floor if you cover it"
"Nothing matches real hardwood floors"

It’s perfectly OK to cover your hardwood floor!

Why would you want to cover hardwood with vinyl?


  • The wood floor doesn’t look how you want it to
  • The refinishing cost or process is putting you off
  • The floor is cheaper hardwood or can’t be refinished anymore
  • The planks are too small, skinny, or wide vs the look you want
  • You like to change your style and color more often
  • You want to cover the wood floor and refinish in the future
  • The floor you want would never be affordable using real wood
  • You love your dog and don’t want to strain your relationship over wood floor damage
  • You don’t want to yell at everyone to be careful on your precious hardwood floors all the time 

Whatever your specific reason is for wanting to cover your hardwood floors with vinyl planks, rest assured this is far more common than you may think. When people add up all of the benefits of going over existing flooring with vinyl planks or tiles it becomes tough to disagree.

What happens to the hardwood if I go over it with vinyl? 

Covering your wood floor with vinyl planks should not significantly change its condition over time. If you have large spills or more significant mishaps on the vinyl you should consider pulling up the planks to make sure moisture is not trapped between the two floors. Any moisture that passes through the vinyl plank connections and settles beneath the planks will have a negative effect on the wood floor beneath. Check that your individual flooring and moisture conditions are appropriate and safe before proceeding.

Am I crazy for covering my hardwood floors?

Its not crazy to cover hardwood floors that need a lot of work with vinyl plank. If you like the new floor, how it revitalizes your home, and the lower effort to make it happen, you are likely making the right call.


Now that you’ve made up your mind to cover that old wood floor you should take a look at Allure luxury vinyl by HMTX. has unique rigid core flooring designs you won’t find anywhere else.

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