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Flooring is the foundation to any home - see why Allure Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks are the best choice for your space.

What is LVT & LVP?

LVT & LVP are shorthand for Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Plank, respectively. With LVT & LVP you get the look of real wood, stone, and tile with the features and benefits of vinyl. They are a composite product usually comprised of multiple layers. These layers are then laminated together to create the complete plank/tile. LVT & LVP is easy to install and maintain compared to other types of flooring. It also contains a decorative print film, allowing for endless design possibilities!

Why Buy Allure Vinyl Flooring?

Perfect For Any Location

Vinyl Flooring can be installed in potentially high-moisture spaces like bathrooms, cozy family rooms, and common areas. It is also offered in water-resistant and waterproof platforms.

Diverse Designs and Textures

Allure's exclusive designs are so realistic you and your guests will struggle to tell the difference. From the sophisticated designs of Terranzo to the modern look of chevron you'll get an impressive and unique look with Allure vinyl flooring. 

Installation Flexibility

Installation options vary with the type of vinyl flooring you choose, but all types are simple to install and great for DIYers, and professional installers.

Easy to Clean and Stay Clean

Sweep regularly and occasionally mop with a PH neutral vinyl floor cleaner. No polishing and waxing needed.

Peace of Mind Flooring Certifications

Breathe easier knowing our flooring products are safe for your home. Our ISOCORE luxury vinyl plank flooring has been tested and certified to emit fewer chemicals that may cause health effects such as respiratory issues, itchy runny eyes, headaches, etc.

More Helpful LVT & LVP Tips

Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

GripStrip - A Type of free-floating flooring patented by HMTX. Includes overlapping adhesive edges, on both long and short edges, that secure the planks/tiles to each other and not the subfloor

ISOCORE - Flooring planks/tiles with a rigidcore layer

SPC - Flooring planks/tiles with Solid Polymer Core construction 

Installation Types

I4F-DL100 - Also called drop-and-lock. Planks/tiles have interlocking groves that secure them together

GripStrip - Overlapping adhesive edges that secure planks to each other

Installation Types

ScratchProtect™ - the brand name of scratch protectant additive to help provide greater scratch protection and wearability

Ceramic Bead - name of the technology used to give flooring greater scratch protection and wearability

Enhanced Ceramic Bead - the next level of technology above ceramic bead

Water-Resistant VS WaterProof

Water-resistant - the product reists the penetration of water to some degree, but not entirely

Waterproof - the product is impervious to water

Other Helpful Hits

Wear Layer - Measured in mils of thickness, the wear layer offers scratch protection and increases wearability.

Rigid core - LVP Flooring industry terminology to describe the type of flooring construction. Rigid Core products are lighter and easy to handle and install. The product helps hide subfloor imperfections without telegraphing through. 

Underlayment - A thin layer of material such as foam, cork, rubber, fiber, or felt that helps cushion, sound absorption, insulation and reduce wear with your flooring. Can be sold separately or come pre-attached to flooring. 

Antimicrobial - A substance that kills microorganisms such as bacteria and mold, or stops their growth.

Embossing - the texture felt when touching flooring. Embossing can be smooth to the touch or have deep indentations giving the product the realistic feel of real wood or stone textures underfoot. Also helps with slip resistance. 

IRE - stands for “in-registered embossing." Typically, the deepest embossing available of flooring products.

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