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Worry free waterproof flooring for all your summer fun needs. Forget high maintenance floors and expereince the durability and beauty of Allure flooring.

100% Waterproof and Scratch resistant

Why worry about spills or scratches when you can relax and enjoy those around you instead. Allure flooring is built for peace of mind.

Unique Hyper-Realistic Designs & Textures

Don't settle for old designs that don't look real. Our wood look and stone surface designs are realistic, unique, and beautiful.

Fast & Easy DIY Installation

A soft mallet and a tapping block is all you need to click two pieces of Allure vinyl flooring together. Our DIY friendly vinyl floors use drop and lock technology for an easy install.



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Because your Home Deserves Nothing Less

We put our flooring in our own homes. We use the most stringent industry certifications to make sure our products are safe for your home and ours. We don't just certify our products, HMTX is also a JUST Organization.

Infographic showing key features and benefits of Allure Ultima Parfait Terrazzo ISOCORE vinyl flooring
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New Sustainable SRP TPU flooring, New Terrazzo and more from Allure
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Flooring Designed for the Circular Economy

SRP TPU flooring does not contain any red list ingredients or plasticizers. Allure SRP TPU flooring is built for sustainability, beauty, durability, and an easy installation that’s 20% faster than leading rigid-core vinyl flooring.

Designed to Be Circular


Our revolutionary Allure SRP™ TPU flooring is designed for the circular economy, with a construction that can be completely re-made into new TPU flooring at the end of its life.

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